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Beat The Vendor Lock In!

Open And Sustainable Datacenter Hardware

The Open Supply Chain Alternative
Offering OCP and Open 19" Solutions

Free from hardware, software and firmware lock ins!

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Workload Centric Design for Unparalleled Compute per W and $!


Reconditioned OCP Rack Solutions For Record Breaking TCO!


Minimise Carbon Footprint by choice of Open + Reconditioned Hardware with full Support & Warranty!


Beat the vendor lock in! All our Solutions are based on Open Hardware & Software - Servers + Racks + Networking!

Your InfraBurst Rack Solutions will arrive at your data centre assembled, configured and tested, ready to plug in and use.

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Our Hardware Products

Open OEM Servers + Systems - The first Open Hardware Supply Chain Alternative for Europe!

High Performance Open 19” Servers & Systems - Beat the Vendor lock in!

  • Baseline builds for AI vs raw compute vs converged or storage (eg: media streaming / VDi / AI etc.)

  • The same hardware supplied to OEMs and badged / locked down

  • Tool-less Serviceability & Easy Management of up to 5000 devices with Quanta System Manager Orqestra!

Open OEM Rack Scale Solutions - based on latest generation 19" Rack + Server Design!

Latest Generation 19” Rack Solutions - Pre Engineered, pre cabled and tested for your Workload!

  • Flexibility for GPU / CPU / memory and storage module selection

  • The same “tool-less” design as OCP

  • A broad range of compute, storage and networking options

  • Choice of modular designed racks for HPC / Ai / Storage and more!

Sesame by ITRenew -

21" ORv2 Racks - Cross-rack switching for up to 20 racks; 750+ nodes in a single cluster, network domain.

  • Flexible configuration with single or dual socket compute nodes, infrastructure nodes, and networking configurations to ensure optimal workload performance.

  • Pre-validated with Kubernetes software and infrastructure stacks.

  • Linux-ready with scalable hardware.

  • Ready for Kubernetes, Cloud Native and Open Stack

Quanta Hyperscale Range - 21" Rackscale Solutions!

OCP Standardized converged nodes; compute, storage and network scale in lock-step.

  • Full product range from Quanta

  • OCP v2 – Leopard Cave, Yosemite valley – standard 3 nodes in 2RU

  • Fully open configuration and manageability tools, qualified and optimized for Linux

  • Ready for Kubernetes, Cloud Native and Open Stack

Testdrive our Solution with Lab as a Service

We help you to scale and grow

Standard Warranty

  • 3 years coverage

  • Installation and Scheduled Maintenance Included - Plug & Play

  • Global Tech Support 5 days per week

  • 24 h Response Time

  • Onsite Support - Next Business Day

InfraBurst Finance Solutions

  • We can customise our hardware for your needs. Flexible Opex Solutions available.

  • Leasing Options across Europe and UK

  • Pay as you grow and Startup financing Options

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We will advise you and look to find the best solution for you.

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Real experts for your needs.

The InfraBurst team is striving to unleash the full potential of data center hardware everywhere! Maximising financial returns for our customers, environmental sustainability for the industry, and technology accessibility across the globe.

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